Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 Weeks

10 weeks left in LA, [I think].  10 weeks until I graduate from my Fashion Design program at FiDM.  10 weeks until another chapter finishes and time to start a new one.  10 weeks until no more hustle and bustle of the big horizontal city.  10 weeks until I get to embark on a new journey.  But until then, the next 10 weeks are going to be the 10 weeks that shape and develop who I am.  These next 10 weeks may just be the most critical 10 weeks I might have in my life for a while.  It's hard to say what will develop after this, I know what I have in mind and it will be a matter of working hard to get it, but it will take time.

I'm back in LA, got back last night.  I felt like a stranger strolling around the unusual rainy streets this evening after being away for a couple of weeks.  When I transition from Salt Lake City, Utah to LA I feel like I'm on a whole different planet.  It almost feels like another time period.  I can't say that it's entirely a positive or a negative feeling, perhaps a bit of both.  Living here is not something you can describe or accurately express to those outside, but it is merely an experience to be understood by only those who too have lived in LA.  I'm sure I will spend the next two weeks readjusting to the place that I consider home for now.

Today I felt alone in a city that has over 8 million people.  Yes there are many many many people out there in LA, however I find myself just wanting to almost shut it all out for now.  I came here to do one thing - study Fashion Design.  Self mastery will be my focus.  Sorry world, you are just going to have to keep all of your problems for a later time.  I've only got 10 weeks left!

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