Monday, December 21, 2009

One Quarter Down Two Stillettos Up!

Finals are done and now I can kick up my stilletto boots!  Things went well and I think I slept about a few hours each night, but hey at least I got sleep!  I LOVE Fashion School!  I love love designing, enhancing my art knowledge, and realizing how much I have already learned when I pick up a piece of fashion or design literature.  Life is great.  I am at a positive peak on the rollercoaster ride right now.  What am I prepping for now is getting ready for when the rollercoaster takes another dip.  I'm not expecting it to be that way, just getting prepared, oh and realizing life is a rollercoaster ride!  It's the lows that make you appreciate the highs and the highs that make you appreciate not being in the lows.  Life is a REFINING experience and that is my overall goal - to be refined and happy.  I love keeping life simple, I know what I enjoy and the type of people I enjoy being around so I do my best to put those "notions" on my fabric of my life. 

What have I learned during my first quarter at the Fashion Institute in LALA Land? 

- Yes, I am good at sewing. 
- I need to practice my fashion sketching and really get used to the idea of how skinny those models need to appear on paper in order to be accepted by the industry. 
- I know when the three pieces of men's attire originated and when people thought Louis XIV had good style. 
- Some people from Pennsylvania really need to let up on the sarcasm and actually believe that a blonde haired girl who likes to wear stilletto boots might be very intelligent ;) 
- I am lucky to have amazing friends :)
- Fashion Design school was a very good idea and I'm really glad that I made the leap to do this!

Over the holiday break I will be pulling out the sketch book and working on the fashion figure.  I am also in the process of designing an interesting pair of gloves.  Oh and I just received an awesome book detailing the artwork of Andy Warhol (my favorite artist) which I am going to use as an inspiration for POP designs that I have in mind.  Stay tuned for when I finally finish my so called "POP" fashion designs.