Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Did It!!!

I am writing this article to express how elated I am to have accomplished a huge and amazing goal I've always had - I am officially a Fashion Design graduate from FIDM in Los Angeles.  It is such a fantastic feeling.  I have worked so very hard to accomplish this.  This has been one of the most surprizingly difficult things I have ever worked for in my life.  The work was so intense but now the reward and sense of being finished is extremely sweet.  It feels oh so amazing to accomplish something you have always dreamed of doing.  I feel so alive when I go after what I want in life! 

What a fabulous article I now get to write to share that I have officially accomplished this major goal that I set out to do when I first began this blog after I left the city of DC.  It was a feeling beyond expression when I was driving back home to Utah when I passed this spot in one of the canyons where I almost gave up on my dreams.  A long while back I wrote an article about how I couldn't fathom how this was all going to work for me to make the major sacrifices that were required for me to pursue my dream of attending FIDM in Los Angeles for Fashion Design.  I had almost given up a little before school started because I had not found an apartment and employment was extremely questionable during the current economic state.  My brain had basically talked me out of going for this dream because the rational side kept trying to tell me that none of this was going to work out.  My heart kicked in when I was driving away from my City of Angels and tears fell down my cheek.  I knew at that moment that I had to tell my brain to just shut the hell up for a lil bit and let my heart take over for once.  I remember the specific spot I was driving through when I was completely overcome by these emotions.  Now after just recently graduating and accomplishing this amazing goal it was such a mind blowing experience passing through this same spot on my journey in the canyon realizing - wow I did this!  I went for this, I gave it my ALL, and I did it!!!  I remember those sad tears of thinking I had to give up on my dream and now I had tears of complete joy knowing that I did it!