Monday, January 18, 2010

These are the Days of our Lives

Back in Los Angeles...

The 2nd Quarter has now begun.  Wow!  This is definitely going to push me further and further and feels like it is going to be an intense one.  To the outside world, those who are not involved in the fashion world, probably don't get it.  One may view the fashion world as pretentious or frivolous yatay yatay yatay.  However those who have the inside track know exactly what I am talking about.  This is such a FAST paced world!  I have been adept to the fast paced environment from my finance background, however the crazy thing is the fashion world may actually be faster.  Bottom line - I love it!

So in LA the land of 70 degree weather and sunshine, it has now decided to have a raining event for probably a week.  With the rain I thought - hey what a fine time to update "The Days of My Life"! 

I've officially adapted to the California life and am amazed how my perspective has changed from when I first moved here.  My network of amazing friends is expanding exponentially and there are so many fabulous folks here! 

Top 5 Favorite Things of the Week:
- The vast array of personalities that my teachers have at FIDM
- All the fun new art supplies I got for this new quarter
- Cheeseburgers (ya I'm slightly addicted)
- Facebook updates (ya slightly addicted to that too - but is it really a waste of time? naaah!)
- Pink colored things (I also may have dyed the inside of my dishwasher fuscia on accident...haha whoops!)

Short term goal - slowly yet surely get the business ball rollin to start up my own personal business involved with fashion...

Oh and a funny yet awesome Diesel advertisment I saw in West Hollywood:

Smart thinks with the brain.
Stupid thinks with the heart.