Saturday, April 24, 2010


I made that leap
I'm on my path
The brain is off
And the heart is on.
I'm in this world now
And my soul has been turned on.

I feel so alive
The passion burns inside me
Driven onward
Nothing can stop me.
I'm making this world better
My heart is finally singing for me.

I see my life through a different lens now. I'm leaving the past behind me. My foundation has been set. I'm running free!

Awakening a side that's been kept deep inside of me...


Friday, April 23, 2010

My MUSE Manuscript

Muse - defined as - to gaze meditatively or wonderingly as well as a means to discovering inspiration. Inspiration is the initial stage of the design process. Inspiration is the foundation.

I have been reflecting about my muses, my inspiration. Here is a short list of my MUSE Manuscript:

- ATHENA - goddess of wisdom and art! In Greek mythology Athena was, in essence, the prototype of the contemporary "career woman".
- Edie Sedgwick - 60s fashionista and was considered to be a Muse of Andy Warhol as well. She was the "poor little rich girl" with an inner sunbeam everyone could see and feel.
- Andy Warhol - Mr. "Success is a job in New York" comes from a past that I can also relate to in so many ways, different yet I believe we could share a great deal of the same empathy.
- Marilyn Monroe - immortal icon who has her own Cinderella story.
- A lifeguard stand on Sunset beach on the North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii. This is a place I would consider one of my favorite places on this earth due to the emotional connection and time in my life when I lived on the island.
- 60s Mod and Counter Culture - my design philosophy is working around this concept but adding a definite regentrification by expressing freedom of the soul and social balance.
- Cities - New Orleans, Austin, NYC, San Francisco, DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago
- Artists - the aforementioned Andy Warhol, Henri Mattisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, El Greco, Roy Lichtenstein.
- Christian Dior - famous fashion designer

This is a short list of what inspires me. I connect emotionally with this list. This in part, expresses a sector of who I am. These muses create a base for my creativity. The list will continue to grow and has many different subcategories, however a start is a start!

Monday, April 19, 2010

FiDM and a Tidbit on Men's Style

Quarter three has now commenced. My classes are now becoming more computer oriented and I even get to apply some math skills. I guess I will be using that finance degree after all (;

I've started doing a little research on men's styling. I feel there is quite an open market here. Menswear is not as complicated as women's wear, but there are definitely must knows for a guy's closet. It's no longer about blending into the "sea of the suits", it's about standing out just a little bit in the right direction. Also after the work shoes come off, there is so much to play with when it comes to the world of sportswear and casual attire.

Two things for the guys to explore: Knits and Wovens - Fabric that is...

Knits are what you wear to the outdoor sporting event; wovens are what you put on when attempting to impress the parents.

First know your body type and find an appropriate fit, then you can apply styles that express your inner self. Fashion can be a fun way to tell the world who you are without even having to move your lips!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Inspiration gives no warnings.

What you chose to wear is an instant reflection of how you present yourself to the world out there. Our human interactions can be so quick. Fashion is a language of instant gratification!

Today my inspiration came from a lady on the street. On my way to the market, I became face to face with what looked like a lady who was going to attack me. She was rough looking wearing beat up clothing and uncombed hair. She got directly in my face to simply ask me a question. I stepped back slightly but then realized all she really wanted was to just ask me a question - "Sweetie, do you know where the Metro is?" she asked. I gave her directions and her response back to me was so surprised that I answered her and that I was nice about it. The way she was dressed was her instant reflection to the world that she might be someone to be careful around even if she may have been harmless. However, due to her shocked reaction to my kindness, showed that her treatment from the general public has obviously not been positive.

Does it make it right for the world to treat others poorly because of the way they dress, absolutely not. However, the truth is, the world does take judgment based upon your outward appearance. So give it a try, one day, dress like complete shit, see how the people outside initially react to you. On another day, rock your business suit to a department store; watch how you are catered to, see how many people smile at you.

Bottom line for fashion is have fun with it. Our world is so serious and fashion is a very serious business, but fashion can be a break from the mundane world and provide a smile. It can also work to your advantage if you can dress to impress the public. It's not about label hoo haa obsession, but about pairing something to express your inner self with a silhouette that works well for your body.